1. Mountain lion and raccoon skull studies. Wish I had real models

  2. Finally! I got a few bolo ties up in my shop.  Check it!


  3. quiet birthday. party in my belly.

  4. birthday book. TTW I love you!!

  5. My first tincture making experience.

    From left to right: St John’s wort, Eleuthero, Yellow dock, and Astragalus.

  6. lucky to have this ancient and bountiful persimmon tree in our yard.


  7. My kid is getting older, he’s asking me lots of questions, and he remembers the answers. This makes me want to give the right answers, or at least the to the best of my knowledge answers.. Im trying to be anti-bullshit, even (especially!) with kids, but it’s tough.

    What really has me spinning are questions about Santa..

    R: “What does Santa do?”

    My lame answer: “Well, a long time ago kids used to hang their wet socks by the fire to dry, and this guy.. this Saint guy,Saint Nicholas, would come put presents in their socks during the night.. and then now we give eachother presents because we love eachother.”

    I just can’t do it. I can’t say ” Santa flies around with his reindeer in the sky and he’s going to come down our chimney while you’re sleeping and leave you ANYTHING YOU WANT, so you better be good.” gah, im such a jerk.

    My main concern, though, is not him believing in something that isn’t really there, because I think magic and myths are awesome. I’m hesitant because if he asks Santa for some obnoxious plastic monster robot car thing that makes siren noises, then it means I have to buy it right? Otherwise Santa is to blame and can’t be trusted and my kid gets the grumps on Christmas morning.

    Which brings me to my real point about buying Christmas gifts…

    I’m not buying my kid (or anyone) anything from any big box corporate store for Christmas, and I absolutely refuse to support black Friday. I’m making presents, or buying handmade of made in USA cool stuff some of the many amazing shops in Nevada City.

    Oh Juli, you move to California and get all hippie dip crunchy.

    But really, let me explain.

    Go to any Walmart,Target,Forever21, or pretty much anywhere in the mall and look at you’ll see that nearly every thing was made in Asia. I’m sure you’ve at least heard about  child labor, sweatshops, blahblahblah.    

    NO, really. An estimated 211 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 are working around the world.Of these, 120 million children are working full time to help support their impoverished families. Some of these kids work 19 hours a day, and suffer exhaustion and injury. (1) But it was on sale! It’s only a dollar! (dollar tree anyone?) It’s so cheap because the kid who made it was only getting paid 20 cents a day. Not cool. 

    So, that’s where the stuff starts. Then it gets packaged in more trash to throw away, and takes a ton of gas to get it over here. Then people wake up at 4 am or head out on THANKSGIVING NIGHT (whyyyy?!) to buy it with their credit cards which won’t get paid off till next Christmas (if ever), trample over people to get the deal, wrap it up in more trash, and give it to their kids and say it’s from Santa and then it gets opened and played with and then joins the pile in the playroom, to eventually get put in a landfill, or sold at a garage sale, if it’s lucky. 

    I’m not a pessimist. This is what is really happening. There is a solution! Put your money back into your community. Buy from small businesses, or make presents! Don’t start your kids early on getting tons of crap under the tree, that they will expect every year. Start a new tradition. Cook lots of yummy food together and play games and listen to your grandpa tell stories. Revolt against what corporations have made Christmas into.

    This documentary- What would Jesus buy?,  is not a religious film, but is about a group of activists who created the “Church of Stop Shopping.” They go to Mall of America, Walmart, and Disney and do some really creative and amazing protests. Check it out before you hit the mall.

    I’m done. I love you.


  8.  Don’t be afraid of bees, they are good guys.   “toe flower honey”

  9. This morning we made stone soup inside of a pumpkin with our quail trotter friends.  Glad we trekked out into the first snow to be with our sweet crew.

  10. acorn hat stack

  11. Harvesting and drying wild rose hips for some much needed vitamin C.

  12. bored and handsome tiger in the Sacramento zoo. 

  13. El Día de los Muertos     

    In the US, there isn’t really a day for honoring all of our deceased loves. This was my first time making sugar skulls. We assigned each one to someone who has died, and lit a lamp and some cedar. It was a  perfect moment.